Alec's Blacked Out RX7

Alec's Blacked Out RX7

A black on black FD RX7 rolling on SSRs. The definition of simplicity with aggression, plus who doesn't want a go fast and really fast switch? Just when you feel like changing things up or someone pulls up beside you.  

Alec's FD RX7

Owner: Alec Stretch 
Age: 39
Occupation: Operations supervisor
Length of Ownership: 10 years
Previous owned cars: 1989 Nissan 180sx, 92 & 93 Subaru legacy GT wagons, 93, 94 & 95 Subaru WRX, 94 Toyota Aristo, 90 c33 Nissan Laurel, 99 Subaru Forester on air ride, HZ, VN, VT, VE Holden V8s, EK civic
Dream Build: 1000hp barra xd Ford Falcon

Alec's FD RX7


Modification List (Interior):

- Bride LOW Max reclinables
- Panel for a kill switch and a boost switch with two different settings, the remaining interior is factory. 

Alec's FD RX7

Modification List (Exterior):

- Veilside wing mirrors
- C west full kit
- D Max vented bonnet
- 18x10 & 18x11 ssr Koenig speed star's
- Tein super streets
- Fenix intercooler and radiator
- Bubble gum pink block
- Large borgwarner turbo
- Stainless water methanol injection tank
- Stainless 4 inch exhaust turbo back
- 501hp at wheels

Photo Credits:@alec886
Alec's Instagram: @alec886

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