Peach's Clean FD

Peach's Clean FD

Who doesn't like a clean FD, especially in white and with OEM interior and best of all, she's from our home country New Zealand!

Peach FD RX7

Owner Profile:

Owner: Peach Ardagh
Age: 28
Occupation: Solicitor
Length of Ownership: 1 year
Previous owned cars: Nissan 180sx Type X, Nissan Silvia s15 Type R, Honda Civic EK9 k24 Turbocharged (racecar), Mazda RX7 FD, Nissan 300zx, Subaru WRX STI RA, Toyota Soarer (x2), Honda City Turbo II (x2), She has so many more to list but those are the “cool” ones apparently. 
Dream Build: The FD she owns, BUT peripheral ported and single turbo conversion. 

Peach's FD RX7

Modification List (Interior):

Nothing to list here because it's all OEM goodness

Peach's FD RX7 

Modification List (Exterior):

- Series 8 bumper
- Series 8 rear wing
- Carbon fibre side skirts
- OZ racing adjustable suspension
- 18x10 SSR Koenig wheels Exhaust system
-  Aftermarket manifold
- 190kw

Peach's FD RX7 

Peach's FD RX7

If you want to see more of Peach's FD RX7, check out her Instagram @rxpeach

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