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Import Terms & Conditions

Please read the conditions below before ordering:

Static Academy gives you the lowest prices and the fastest delivery. This no frills service does not allow for all the flexibility of a retail store so please be very careful when ordering.

Upon accepting an invoice, you acknowledge all liability of customs fees and import taxes passed on by the shipping company(s) and local authorities. Widegrid Ltd T/A Static Academy are not liable for any charges incurred. Due to the nature of of our business importing parts from Japan. All the sales are final.

All care is taken to order the correct parts. When ordering new parts please supply all relevant information such as chassis codes/numbers, colors, sizes, offsets, PCDs, especially when there are different versions of the same product. 

Initial quotes will have an estimated shipping weight which may be higher or lower than the actual shipping weight. The final quote will have an exact cost based on the real shipping weight. Exchange rates can vary significantly in short periods of time so quotes may need to be recalculated to accommodate this.

If a quote includes a mistake by either us or agent or our suppliers we will not be able to honor the incorrect price. If the order is canceled we will refund the payment.

Suppliers will usually give an ETA for special orders and back orders. This ETA is an estimation and the parts may arrive sooner or later than estimated. It is not possible to call manufacturers to ask them to “hurry up”.

Static Academy accepts; Pay Pal, International Bank transfers and New Zealand Bank Transfers. It is not possible to offer a credit of any sort. Please order after payday or after your tax refund has cleared. Orders will not be processed or shipped until payment is confirmed.

Delivery is usually made by Japan Post’s EMS service, USPS or FedEx for 326POWER parts.  AG Wheels will provide information regarding their chosen freight provider, once your wheels have be manufactured. Size and weight limits apply. It is very important to supply your correct; name, address and a telephone number to avoid delays and mistakes. Any additional shipping costs due to incorrect information must be paid by you. After shipping the package can be tracked using the freight providers website. Eight to twelve weeks can feel like a very long time so please check your calendar to confirm how long it has been. It is not possible to contact the plane or ship captain to ask them to “hurry up”. We do not ship to domestic addresses in Japan.

Refunds will only be given for parts that were ordered incorrectly based on correct part number information supplied by you. Refunds cannot be given for parts ordered where the Japanese domestic market model differs from the model in your country or if the part was selected by a “best match”.

New parts have a manufacturer’s warranty with terms and conditions set out by the manufacturer (often excluding international claims). Warranty return shipping costs must be covered by you. Most local distributors will only provide support for goods imported through them. If you have any specific questions about the terms listed here then please contact us on

We can not be held responsible for suitability or checking the items/parts ordered will fit your car so please check your order request carefully. Once ordered we can not cancel from the manufacturer.

We can not accept items ordered through other agents that can not process items as effectively as we can.  Apologies if you ordered through someone else but you are stuck paying their higher shipping prices.

After sales support will only be provided to parts/items ordered through Static Academy. If you have ordered parts through other agents/companies, please contact them for after sales support.

If there is a problem with the order, please do not contact the seller/company directly. This includes any social media. As the order was placed in our agents name so they have no record of an order in your name. Our agent has staff who will contact them and sort out any problems. If you contact the seller directly, it will cause a lot of issues. If contacted direct, we will no longer be able to help you with the issue.